29th Oct 2010, Farnham, Surrey

Here is a bit about this beautiful wedding: the couple wanted to incorporate the two cultures into one wedding as both of their fathers are Iranian and their mothers English. Sophia walked down the aisle to a traditional Persian song played on the Santoor. They then had the English ceremony, followed by a Persian ceremony conducted by Sophia's brother.

The spread on the floor is the Persian sofreh aghd. Each of the items on the cloth have a meaning, for example the crystallised sugar has a purpose to sweeten life for the newly weds, gold coins are for wealth and prosperity, honey, consumed right after the ceremony, is to ensure sweetness in life and many more.

The girls who are standing behind the couple are rubbing two pieces of crystallised sugar called shaped like cones, showering them with white powder. This symbolic act is meant to sweeten the couple's life. They are also sewing into the cloth with a needle and thread to symbolising sewing the ‘nay-sayers’ lips together.

The purpose of the 'knife dance' is for the couple to retrieve the knife from the dancers, who are teasing the couple by dancing with it. Sophia and James have to bribe them in order to get the knife.

So, that was our first Iranian wedding and we were happy it contained so many unique details! The funny moment: two dogs at 2:20 :)

Photography: Alexander Leaman (alexanderleaman.co.uk)
Music: Angels & Airwaves - Clever Love (taken from Love album, courtesy of Tom DeLonge)

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