This original video was created for the Christmas program at our church on December 10-11, 2010 in Mason, Ohio. The program was entitled The Wonder of Christmas. It is to the amazing music of Michael W. Smith: "It's a Wonderful Christmas". Michael: if you ever read this, thank you for your inspiring music! May the Lord bless you and your work for His praise.
This was the first piece of our 2 hour program and it was just great to welcome everyone, perhaps even guests that have never been to a church or know Christ and make them feel at ease.
The music has three distinct movements with a first and third movement that are playful and intriguing, and a middle movement that is just grand and simultaneously reflective.
The first movement starts with a single curious light (Particle Illusions 3) wondering about until a set of machinery is lit up that gets turned on by the light (I'd be happy to explain the symbolism some other time). All the machinery was modeled and animated with Cinema 4D (C4D R8).
The middle movement is itself divided into three segments, all of which I used as an expression of how the light of God manifests in different forms. The first segment shows a sunrise behind a group of leafless trees, as a symbol of how the light of God is available to all who seek Him, and more and more visible as we peel off all that is dead from our lives (the leafless trees), until it eventually overcomes us. This segment was modeled with Terragen 2 (21 days render time in a quad core). The second segment, shows the light of God as strong and magnificent as seen in a high speed flight above the clouds, always far reaching and without end as much as we might try to find its limits. This segment was also modeled with Terragen 2 (17 days render time in a quad core). The third segment shows a lighthouse in the dark as a symbol of God's light piercing the darkness and forever guiding our way. This was modeled with C4D R8 with added effects from Particle Illusions 3 and After Effect CS3.
The last movement was modeled in C4D R8 also and was meant to have people "wonder" as to what would be next in the video as the various containers open, since "Wonder" was the main theme of the program. Of course the video is just playful, and by itself nothing more than just fun, but it a was part of the overall program, where the wonder we sought to highlight was the wonder of Christmas, that we ought to never lose. The wonder of how God became man in the form of Jesus, to rescue us and brings us back to Him. May we never lose that wonder, and may we always praise His name.

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