do i start... Tay Kewei is actually a friend of mine. Fantastic singer that blown everyone head off when she start singing [ trust me ]. That's how i got blown away when i heard this track in her album. Right away i ask her to shoot a music video and now the music video is alive. For those that don't understand chinese, let me give you a brief on what Tay Kewei song all about. This song is call 'This Too Shall Pass" meaning someone try to move on from the past and try to forget all the bad things happen in the past. So therefore, i came with an idea of a web. A web as a metaphor to represent the past where Kewei are in and towards the end the anger in her burnt the past. I hope ya'll enjoy it .....Thanks..

Client : S2S Label [ Singapore ]
Production House : Playhouse Pictures
Executive Producer : Jacie Tan
Director : Cheong HH
D.O.P : Wong Chun Leong
2nd Unit D.O.P : Lim Lun
3rd Unit D.O.P : Ken Koh
Art Director : Leslie Ewe
Post Production : De Touche , Base 2 Post, Cine Red
Offline Editor : Troy Chen [ Base 2 Post ]
Sratch Artiste : Mark Wilenkin [ Cinered ]
AfterEffect Artiste : Debra Khoo Jeffrey [ Detouche ]
Flame Artiste : Ken , Y.J [ Detouche ]

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