Hello everybody !!!

Here some beautiful thoughts on Winter by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov that came to my mind while marveling at our winter garden, especially as I was puting this video together on the 21st of december, the day of the Winter solstice:

"Finally, on December 21, comes the winter solstice, presided over by the Archangel Gabriel and, a few days later, it is Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of a birth, that is to say, of a descent into matter, a condensation, a crystallization reflecting the characteristic of winter, the season in which nature freezes and becomes immobile.

The Archangel Gabriel commands the forces that have the property of condensing matter. If the influence of the moon had not been counterbalanced by other influences, it would have materialized and petrified everything that exists: plants and animals as well as men. The Archangel Gabriel, therefore, is responsible for all materalization. When an Initiate wants to materialize an idea, a plan, even if that materialization does not correspond to a particular birth, he uses the favourable conditions offered to him by the occurence of this feast. The winter solstice is a period for birth, a propitious period for something to be born on earth. The other feasts correspond to separation, resurrection and the kindling of fire; only the feast of Christmas is associated with material realization on earth.

The equinoxes and solstices, or, as I have called them, the four Cardinal Feasts, are the four most vital days in the year and they are governed by Mercury (spring equinox), Venus (summer solstice), the Sun (autumn equinox) and the Moon (winter solstice). These are days of celebration for nature; the Angels and Archangels, all the forces of nature, even the Divine Mother herself, all take part in the festivities. Only those who understand the importance of these high days and of the prodigious forces that flood the universe at these times, can truly take part in the celebrations."

Good Winter solstice energies and inspirations to all of you !!!


PS: The song is the Austrian Advent song, "Advent is, Advent" sung by the Männergesangsverein Wolfsberg.

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