When we first began our relationship with Flow Snowboarding, they had long suffered from poor marketing and little promotion of their team riders. In the snowboard industry, that results in almost complete alienation from the core market. Rubbish handled the direction and post-production of Flow's 2007 team video, as well as several commercial spots, and after getting an inside look at the company we were able to see their potential. After set backs in 2008, Bad Reputation came to life in 2009. In creating a new film for Flow we told them we wanted to show the world who they and their team really were. Aside from simply wanting to tell a great story, we firmly believed it was their very image that would reconnect them to their core market.

Bad Reputation follows Flow's top riders and team manager for six weeks on the road around the world and in doing so resonates the mentality and true image of Flow to the core snowboard community. In addition to creating the film, Rubbish produced all branding materials including identity, DVD and a limited T-shirt. With the success of Bad Reputation, Flow has again partnered with Rubbish for 2010 to utilize video production as a key rebranding tool.

Watch "BAD REPUTATION" (Full Film)

See also, the winner of 2010 Summit Action Sports Film Festival (Best Webisode Series), "The Life" and the 2010 team video "Witness the Sickness".

"The Life" (Webisode Series)

"Witness the Sickness" (Full Film)


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