A location shoot for ABC's "LOST" in downtown Honolulu.

Jack (Matthew Fox) walks up to Kate (Evangeline Lilly) in her car, and after a conversation through her window, he jumps up to get into the car with her. One shot, amounting to a minute of screen time, still requires almost an hour of waiting (and pacing) and multiple takes.

While this shot is filmed with a very tight frame -- a close-up showing only Kate and Jack's faces -- you can see how much is going on around the shot. Everyday business goes on in Honolulu (though traffic is obviously impacted!). Note the background extras: men in suits, women in business attire, a construction worker. They'll be a blur, if visible at all, on screen, yet their movements are still meticulously controlled.

The whole scene took all morning to film. And it's always possible that, after all this work, it gets cut in the final edit.

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