A sound piece reacting to hand movement, filmed at The Studio, Upper Wimpole Street during an exhibition, Dec 2010.

Electric cable, red suede, white brocade and ribbon. Based on the idea of a woman who knows what she wants, and of the power of electricity both in communication and in attraction.

Tahmineh is a character in the 1,000 year old book Shahnameh, the Persian Book of Kings, still quoted and referenced today by Iranians of all classes. In the poem, Tahmineh falls for the hero Rostam, she proclaims:

"Outside the veil no one has ever beheld me, nor has anyone ever heard my voice. But of you I have heard from all men as a legend and have been told histories of you in plenty; that you fear no Div, lion, leopard or serpent, and how bold you are in action. I have craved for your shoulders and arms and breast. Now God has vouchsafed your presence in this City. If you desire me, I yield myself to you, and neither bird nor fish will set eyes on me hereafter. One thing is sure, that I have so devoted myself to you as to have killed wisdom in favour of love.___
(Shahnama, Sohrab 8:2) ____

After being together for a night, Tahmineh bears Rostam's child. Importantly, at no point is she made out to be a willful or base woman for following her desire.

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