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A 24-minute portrait film of the great American avant-garde filmmaker. The last Brakhage’s interview.

Pip Chodorov: Can you say something about what unites your vast and disparate body of film work?

Brakhage: Mm… No, it drifts away from me. Not because I’m drifty or lazy or whatever, though that I may be also, it just drifts away from me … I think I’m done. I think I can’t give you more than that. [sings] “I can’t give you anything but love, baby! That’s the only thing I’ve plenty of, baby! No-dah, dah…” See, most people don’t know more words than that to the song [sings “La la”] and I don’t want to botch it up, it’s such a lovely tune. So let’s call it a day and a year. 2003, made it through to 2003, hard to imagine. Sun is coming out, if I was just a little stronger I could go to a movie. [laughs] I don’t have the strength, yeah, I would love to. But, not today, maybe it will come back next week.
excerpt from "Stan Brakhage with Pip Chodorov" - The Brooklyn Rail (

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