Own composition~~
it might sound like other christmas songs but only the "silent night"-lines are intended~~

This years Christmas Greeting from my side is a bit more cynical - I really like Christmas so I think it's sad when ppl only think on Christmas to be nice ---

A somewhat thoughtful piece...

Song: roka
Vocals: roka
Lyrics: roka
Snow animation footage: youtube.com/watch?v=JKES_XAIKk0
mp3 download: box.net/shared/j32vn558ds

Silent Night
Holy Night
Peaceful images, Christmas Light

Happy chatting
Friends gathering
Celebrating Love and Peace

War and Violence, battle of force
Advantages just for oneself
Hate and Intolerance and Malevolence
How can they cant to want peace with their lying smile?

Well wishing
Peace praying
Naively for humanity

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