The people of Sudan are at a crossroads. As the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) expires, a vote by the people may split the country in two along ethnic, religious and political lines. "Voices of Faith" was produced to capture the voice of Christians in southern Sudan who worship the Lord in the face of unimaginable physical, political and economic hardships.

As one woman shares, We rely on God for everything; and God never fails us." In the context of a land where hunger, illness and political violence are an ever-present threat, there is a fierce and a fragile beauty in such a declaration.

At a particular moment in time, this is the story of the people of the Diocese of Renk, The Episcopal Church of Sudan.

Production Credits - director:Kevin M. Goodman; producer:Constance Wilson; photographer:Charlie Simokaitis; videographer/editor:Kevin M. Goodman; original score:Chris Beckstrom; additional photography:Constance Wilson; illustrator:Dan Crowley; project advocacy:Julie Donalek; executive producer:The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Garang Atem; associate producer:The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee; field producer (Sudan) Kou Ajak Kou; field producers (USA):Jacqueline Kraus & Russell Randle; field logistics (Sudan):Deng Kuol Amal & Daniel Maduk Peter; translators (Sudan):The Rev. Peter Atem & The Rev. Paulo Ajang Thiel; translators (USA):Mayom Lazaru Ashien & Tereza Makuay Dhour

funded by: Anne Buckingham, Jacqueline Cameron, Nancy Carney, Alana Cruse, M.E. Eccles, Ruth Frey, Kevin M. Goodman, Geoffrey Hoare, Shirley Holt, Lisa Kerpan, Jeffrey D. Lee, Sarah Morris, Edward Prevost, Phoebe Roaf, Charlie Simokaitis, Constance Wilson

Bishop's Associates
Diocese of Chicago

Christ Church Alexandria, Virginia
Pierce Klemmt

Church of the Atonement
John David van Dooren

Commission on Global Ministry
Diocese of Chicago

Episcopal Church Women
Diocese of Chicago

Evangelical Education Society
Day Dodson

Saint James Cathedral
The DeKoven Fund

The Tyndal Foundation
Mary Kleine Yehling

Special thanks: Robert Black, Anne Cothran, Dent Davidson, T.J. and Karen Farantella, Tim Franks, Anne Ford, The Rt. Rev. Scott Hayashi, Jacqueline Kraus, Martha Miller, Russell Randle, Turkish Airlines

original score by Chris Beckstrom available on

c. 2010 Renk Media Team

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