Framerate on 7D.

Today i wanted to test out Twixtor for AE for real. After talking to a friend, i got inspiration to make a twixtor test. This should only be slowmotion, but during the post-prod. i wanted to make more than just slowmotion. The song is not fitted for slowmotion anyways. But there is some clips with slowmotion here.

Some of the slowmotion is clips, cranked down from 60p to 24. That makes app. 40% slowmotion. The super-slow motion is made in Twixtor for AE. The program can take 60p footage and make it into super-smoot slowmotion. But it can't replace the real slow-motion cameraes. The program has it's back-sides.
Here are some tip's to make the best of Twixtor (from my experience)
1. Keep the subject far from the camera. Details doesn't work so good.
2. ALWAYS film at 720 50 or 60p!
3. If the subject is a person. Be as calm as possible. No waving with arms etc.
4. Use a neutral background. White is a very good choice. If the background have a lot of depth will create Morphing(

Canon 7D - 50mm f71.4
ISO - 200
Shutter - 400-1000

Song: Caro Emerald - Back It Up

Editing tool - Adobe Premiere pro CS5
Vignette & CC was made in After Effects CS5

takk for meg

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