fret_1, a symbiosis of abstract animation and sound.

Music & Sound by
Gerrit Elbrink
Animation by
Uwe Schweer-Lambers

Watch the project-breakdown-tutorials (Cinema 4D, After Effects):

::::Project Notes::::

// Uwe originally created the video based on the Autechre track "Vose In". After showing the video to Leisure, both gentlemen figured that a change of tune might not be a bad idea.

// Uwe (Equiloud) :
"I personally very much appreciate geometric primitives. They have a certain perfection to them and appear very statical. So why not play around with them and make them more vivid somehow, and with that more interesting for a broader audience? How can I do it, and make other people enjoy it as well?
Within a couple of months, my efforts evolved themselves into fret_1. After I met Gerrit I was hoping he could create an alternative audiotrack for it. Well, he did! And this is our cooperation´s result.
Hope you like it! (we do)."

// Leisure-B:
"Even though I very much appreciate Autechre, the sound that they have and the thing that they do live on stage mainly as well, I felt that this video needed a little more than the sometimes overwhelmingly monotone style that they often bring. By taking a very "sound design" like approach to the composition, I hoped to take the feel animation one step higher. "

thx for watching!

// Download the presets:

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