Chapter II - Drylands: a post-modern wasteland. Live documentary, hot chocolate and CCTV cameras add a fresh perspective to Jason’s betrayal.

Hotel Medea is an overnight live performance. It is a Brazil/UK collaboration that has been four years in the making and draws on the rituals and rites from the North East of Brazil and uses technology to re-interpret our relationship to myth. Our intent is to experience a totally different type of contract with audiences who rose to the challenge of staying awake till dawn. Conceived and directed by Persis Jade Maravala and Jorge Lopes Ramos & devised by the company.

Please note this is not a promotional film or a trailer. We have endeavoured to show the entirety of the production without any effects or deleting and a minimum of editing. Therefore the film has kept as close to the real time of the production as possible.

The entire filmed trilogy of Zero Hour Market, Drylands and Feast of Dawn runs at 3.5 hours.

Core Artists: Thelma Sharma, Raquel Aguliera, Lisa Lapidge, Nwando Ebizie, Will Dickie, Leandro De Mamam, James Turpin, Urias De Oliviero, Irlane Roch, Flavio Rabelo, Carlos Rezende.

we dedicate this film to Robson Diniz

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