"The Deliverance of Comfort" is a short satirical fable about a 'child witch' called Comfort. The film begins with the voice of a "priest" explaining how one identifies a child witch and what to do when one is found. The script in this part of the film is derived from a startling recent UNESCO report which contained interviews from several "priests" that exorcised so-called child witches. In the 2nd half of the film we see the consequences of the apparent 'exorcism'.

The Deliverance of Comfort is a critical and densely-layered response to the belief in child witches in some parts of rural Nigeria and Africa. The film questions the very nature of belief and comments on the complex relationship between pre-Christian pagan belief and modern day Nigerian Christianity. The relationship between Exu, The Devil, the human spirit and God.

Inspired by the low-fi special effects employed in Nigerian Nollywood films especially when the supernatural is being evoked, "The Deliverance of Comfort" uses these same techniques but challenges the conservative and unchanging ideas about the supernatural drawing uncomfortable conclusions. In essence using Nollywood to subvert Nollywood.

About the director:

Zina Saro-Wiwa is a British-Nigerian film-maker, video artist and founder of AfricaLab. Born in Nigeria and brought up in the UK, she has worked at the BBC for much of her career. For the last four years she has worked primarily as an independent documentary film-maker through her company AfricaLab whose films have been shown in festivals and museums all over the world and the cable channel HBO. More recently Zina has produced video art and experimental film. This film originally formed part of an exhibition about Nollywood she curated titled Sharon Stone in Abuja that went up at Location One Gallery in Manhattan in November 2010.

Zina has recently been named one of the top 25 Africans leading the continent’s Renaissance by The Times newspaper. Zina lives in New York.


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