Rochester Institute of Technology // senior level elective : Innovation and Invention

"reRIT" is a mixed-reality design and visualization interface. Users move physical models of RIT campus buildings and immediately see their actions reflected in a virtual 3D campus projected on a large screen in front of them. Prototype presented and tested successfully at RIT's 2008 ImagineRIT Innovation Festival.

Team of 8 students from various design and technology backgrounds.

STEPHANIE KING // Graphic and Industrial Design
- concept development, user experience, table surface design, exhibit displays and marketing

DOMINICK D’ANIELLO // computer science + information technology
- software and interface development, programming, concept development

JASON MIN // industrial design
- prototyping, manufacturing, project documentation, materials acquisition

IROSHAN NAVARATNE // information technology
- hardware testing and development, prototyping, research

DAVID PLUNKETT // new media design
- hardware testing and development, prototyping, sketchup modeling

RYAN CORATHERS // information technology
- hardware testing and development, sketchup modeling, prototyping

JEREMIAH PERRY-HILL // information technology
- user experience analysis, project management, documentation, materials acquisition

MICHAEL GRANT // industrial design
- architectural object prototyping and manufacturing, materials and processes research

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