Evidence list:

1) My first report to 41 division of Toronto Police Service
2) My family doctor's advice and judgement ( confirmed
by 41 division of Toronto Police Service in their report.7 line of page 2, 41 division's report)
3) 41division's report
4) 41 division's memo ( I post only one page here)
5) Email letter from RCMP
6) Letter 1 from Mr. Prime Minister of Canada
7) Letter 2 from Mr. Prime Minister of Canada
8) Letter 1 from Attorney General of Canada
9) Letter 2 from Attorney General of Canada
10) Evidence to testify The Scarborough Hospital destroyed the most important part of my medical record and denied my request
11) Fax papers on how 41 division induced The Scarborough Hospital after being refused; Hospital memo, mail letters and voice recording on how The Scarborough Hospital induced my family doctor and got involved in this torture case ( by conducting mental status exam by a social worker, i.e, a nurse, in my home without my "informed consent'; by destroying the key part of my medical record; by fabricating and falsifying my medical record;by inducing my family doctor; by denying my request for access to my entire medical record, particularly, handwritten notes and voice recording of that mental status exam in my home), will be disclosed on request.

They are all stored in:


Opening statement by Mr. Attorney General of Canada regarding dealing with one torture case is in here.


Opening statement by AI, REDRESS...Regarding how to deal with torture case.

Word file for this video is located in:


Torturers, you can keep on torturing me. You can also change the way of torturing me. Recently, you hit my penthouse’s roof heavily just over my body at deep nights. Remember, there will be a day that you will be given enough time to think about the fate of being torturers and slaughters.

Dear readers, whoever you are, a victim of torture, a journalist, a lawyer, a scientist, a politician, or a civilian, please write to Mr. Attorney General of Canada and Mr. Prime Minister of Canada to ask them to uphold a public inquiry. " Only can a public inquiry deal with one torture case in terms of 'prompt, impartial and thorough'." What I am doing is not only for myself, but for the world that belongs to us.

Their Emails:

Contact emails:
yzlrobin@hotmail.com; speakoutandrr@hotmail.com
If you can't receive my response email after you sending out within 3 days, my email boxes must be hacked.

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