Cinematography | Editing | CG | SFX | Markus Nylaander
Music bought at iStock (R-Maf)
Tomas Bohinc about himself

"More than a face or a specific body size, many people search for something special in life beyond physical appearance. A spirit or a fire inside that separates one from the rest and makes an individual unique, personal experiences create the special beauty of soul that is reflected from within."

"A positive thinking, open-minded, teammate for all, I stand for a personal commitment to excellence."

"Standing in front of the camera presenting and posing comes naturally to me. Ranging from stylish fashion or serious business motives to casual wear or classical portraits, versatile is one of my strengths and I enjoy the freshness of these role changes."

"Growing up in a unique mix of cultures, family played the leading role in shaping my character and active involvement in team sports as a successful basketball player have helped me better understand teamwork, toughness in adversity, sacrifice and achieving goals. Family and friends are among the many positive influences that have formed my attitude towards life."

"That’s me, that’s [Bo]"

"Privileged to made this on behalf of a friend of mine. All the best in your career Tomas & hope this helps a little."

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