1/2 of the second issue of Ferocious Quarterly. "The Purple Halves" Blue Book. Available Dec 2010 at fe.rocious.com.

2-color cover, 2-color interior, 56 pages, 44 contributors (in entire issue), 10 collaborations (in entire issue).

View/Buy here: frcio.us/3akK

The folks of pith:
Andrea Kalfas, Brad Simon, Jake Sauer, James Hindle, Mikey Burton, Brendan Leach, Paperfox Press, Ryan Snook, Shaun Malinowski, Liisa Kruusmägi, Matt Beers & Nate Utesch, Steven Nowak & Aaron Scamihorn, Greg Locke & Eleanor Grosch, Scott Kirkpatrick & Nate Utesch, Jason Roemer & David Huyck

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