This video explains and illustrates the idea and the process of a stadium which is situated in a park.

The project is understood as part of the park where lost PROJECT LIMITS through the shape and texture.

The roof, seen as a fifth facade natural, aesthetic and bioclimatic whose skin, which recreates a topography to camouflage a building in a park.

Outside, the facade becomes covered .... CONTINUITY (landscape - project).
There is continuity between the spaces through semi-outdoor access, which are produced by the unevenness of the roof.
Through the various entrances to the project come different ways of understanding the building.

The main values of the project are shown on the cover, integration, the idea of topography, the formal complexity and constructive bioclimatic values that are achieved through the double skin, which acts as a ventilated façade, but on the cover ... skin getting innovative and functional (with walkable areas) with a complex design, solved naturally.

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