This is a rough preview edit of the upcoming "In Love With You" music video from artists LiVE & Monsta Villa off the Beauty & the BEAST album from the Skyline Studios label. The look we are going for is sort of a 1940s film noir "Harlem Nights" meets Jessica Rabbit in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" where she sings "do right" in the jazz club scene, but obviously modernizing it a little bit for the musical style.

Note: This is just a rough first preview edit for the client,

This is only a rough preview edit there are many pieces missing, many elements are not properly cleaned up or missing, color correction and mastering are not finished.

We are shooting a pickup day in the next week or two. Needed actors and dancers will be contacted. Thanks to everyone for the hard work and we look forward to completing the principal photography on the pickup day and having a final master done about the first or second week of February.

Concept & Director: Michael Biggins
Director of Photography: Blackout
Assistant Director: Amber Melody
2nd AD: Jay Chen
Lead Gaffer: Jay Chen

All motion picture photography and stills (C) 2010 Michael Biggins AKA Blackout & Blackout's Box Studios - Hathouse Films

Cameras - GH1.3 hacked.
Lenses - Lumix 14-140mm & 20mm 1.7 Pancake.
Shot full hd 1920 x 1080p 24p native except for a few slow motion sequences shot in 720 60p. Download the mp4 for the best viewing experience.

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