#365 Nr.#365
After a Year of making paintings, i have made it. I have Created 365 paintings!
Its was a exciting yet a hard year. I started the project thinking it would be easy, i had 3 months of ideas ahead. But after the first 3 months is started getting harder and harder...
But with allot of inspiration from friends an family around me, i came up with more ideas for single paintings and series.
The first of September my daughter was born, which took away allot of time. but at the same time gave me new inspiration and love.

I want to give my special Thanks to my Girlfriend, who supported me though out the project.

Jolanda Thank you, and i Love you!


This Video is part of a project that i am working on right now, i started this project the 1st of january 2010 and in this project i will make 1 painting everyday, for one year long! So in the end i will have made 365 paintings.
Every painting is recorded and a making-off video is made, this is one of them! If u wanna see them all, and see pictures of them go to brokeart.com

Sony HDR-CX105 HD


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