My 4th Short Film.

I shot this with a Canon XL-H1 and edited it on Adobe Premiere Elements 4.

This was shot on a sunny afternoon in July 2008 at Lahinch Beach in Co. Clare.

At the time I was not trying to make a film, I was just out with my camera and wanted to shoot the people who were at the beach that day.

When I watched the footage about a week later I noticed a lot of images in the footage. So I started to mess around with the shots and started to put them together, that's when I noticed that they form a narrative.

I could have formed a full straight narrative, and when I did my first cut of this it had one, but I've decided to leave the narrative of this more open, more ambiguous.

I want people to draw their own conclusions from this. I want people to watch this and i hope that it creates a response for them.

For those who are interested, the music is a piece called "Know Your Enemy" by Yoko Kanno.

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