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Gabriel Metsu (January 1629, Leiden - buried October 24, 1667, Amsterdam) was a Dutch painter ... Johannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer (baptized in Delft on 31 October 1632 as Johannis, and buried in the same city under the name Jan on 16 December 1675) was a Dutch Baroque painter who specialized in exquisite, domestic interior scenes of middle class life...
Paintings by Gabriel Metsu:

Lady reading a letter (1665)
Man Writing a Letter (1662-1665)

Paintings by Johannes Vermeer:

The Allegory of Painting, also known as The Art of Painting, (1666 -1667 or c. 1666 -1668)
Woman with a Water Jug, also known as Young Woman with a Water Pitcher (1660 -1662 or c. 1662)
Lady Standing at a Virginal, also known as Young Woman Standing at a Virginal (1673 -1675 or c. 1670 -1672)
The Guitar Player (1672)
A Young Woman Seated at the Virginals (c. 1670)
Woman in Blue Reading a Letter (by Han van Meegeren)
The Milkmaid (c. 1658)
The Wine Glass, also known as A Lady Drinking and a Gentleman and The Glass of Wine (1658 -1660)
Girl Interrupted at her Music (1660 -1661)
Mistress and Maid, also known as Lady with her Maidservant Holding a Letter (1667/68)
A Lady Writing a Letter (1665 -1666)
Woman with a Lute (c. 1663 -1664 or 1662 -1663)
Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid (1670)
Officer with a Laughing Girl, also known as Officer and Laughing Girl (c. 1657)
A Woman Holding a Balance, also known as Woman with a Balance (1662 -1663 or c. 1663 -1664)
A Lady Seated at a Virginal
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