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Open Access to all types of the scholarlyinformation makes the better world for everyone.

What’s MyOpenArchive
MyOpenArchive, founded inSeptember 2007, is aninternational Non-ProfitOrganization that advocatesOpen Access for never-before-published research papers on theweb and provides Self-archiving platform to enablebetter knowledge sharing in away thats easy to publish.

About us
Keita Bando, Managing Director, @keitabando
Hisaaki Ito, Engineer, @de_12345
Sotaro Omura, Designer, @omoon
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One of our goals is to advocateOpen Access mind widely as possible.
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2008 OpenAccessDay
Presentation at The 5th SPARC Japan Seminar 2008"What is the most appropriate OA model for Japan?"
2009 OpenAccessWeek
Host of and Held Open Access Week Seminar “Open Access Friday and Night”

Web site
Journal ArticleThis Open AccessRepository are Preprint Thesis or Dissertationcollecting alltypes of papers,like conferenceabstracts and Conference Paper Presentationpresentations - Technical Report Research Paperthe so-called“gray literature”. Others Photo: All rights reserved by

How to use
1 Sign in with Twitter
2 Select PDF and add aCreative Commons License
3 Publish and Share onSocial Media

Amazon ElasticCompute Cloud(Amazon EC2)
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon Simple StorageService (Amazon S3)

Self-archiving is one of general methods for providing Open Access.
via Wikipedia

Self-archiving is sometimes calledthe "green" road to Open Access.
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You grasps the key to Open Access.
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Go to the Green Road with MyOpenArchive.
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