as a child dmitry mazurov used to dream about music for robots. not music created by machines, but music that has been especially composed and recorded for mechanical listeners.
kinetic beings who absorb music through special microphones embeded in their bodies and minds - to experience some sense of beauty, to teach them human feelings..

with "burovitsa" dmitry mazurov created an album of mesmerizing soundscapes just like that - and even we are no robots, we were completely taken in by the magical atmosphere of this release.
imagine new soundtracks for all your favorite science fiction movies and you are almost there. references to ridley scotts "alien" or stanley kubricks "space odysee" can be heard at some points, but it all goes far beyond beeing some kind of a moviescore.

"burovitsa" stands for itself - strong againts the sands of time, icecold and glowing warm at the same time - a monolith in the blackness of space, surrounded by waves and washed of eternal beauty.

dmitry mazurov is a composer from novosibirk, russia. his debut album was released by moscow label "electroshock records" in 2010. "burovitsa" is his first work for phlox. file under deep ambience, opaqueness, gloom and turbidity

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