"Tripoli" is Isenseven's second full length movie and was released in 2003.

Back then we figured that this DVD thing might catch on in the future so we actually got DVD's made. Wow, so progressive huh?

Not much changed since "New Noise" the year before. A few new faces, "faked" 16:9 aspect ratio and some basic color correction (push that contrast and saturation baby!)

Riders featured in "Tripoli":
Bernd Pösl
Simone Schreck
Vincent Urban
Alex Rieger
Silvia Mittermüller
Stefan Templer
Julian Bloch
Alex Schiller
Clemens Krüger
Martin Wandinger
Andre Tröltzsch
Martin Bauer
Rainer Lanz
Julian Fahrenkap
André Kuhlmann
Christophe Schmidt
Andi Kuban
Thomas Hlawitschka
Tassilo Hager
Julius Kerscher
Sven Küenle
Simon Schöllhorn
Flo Bürgel
Basti Kuhn
Jonee Pülz
Seppi Ecker
Tobi Reisenhofer
Simon Schweiger
Ile Eronen

You can download the original file of this movie down there on the right in that little box.

We will be posting our first 3 movies online every month from now on for free viewing and downloading.
If you missed it, check out our first installation "New Noise" here: vimeo.com/17332525
Have funsies!

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