My latest narrative short - a project from a young creative director from Valencia; Miguel Ángel Font Bisier.

This was a very ambitious concept with very limited resources. We met many issues and I don't feel the final piece realized it's potential. Nonetheless we had a lot of fun making it!

I did my best to manage the three camera team (1x 5DmkII and 2x 550D) including one on a home-made crane and shot the the female muses under awful theatrical lights which kept going out... I shot the artist's scenes with the 5D lit by a window and two fluorescent strip lights stuck vertically on rolling mounts.

Despite this, the film just won first price in Valencia's short film awards and was the first film I shot which was premiered in a real movie theater - all thanks to Miguel Angel's raw talent and perseverance.


Eiénesis - In search of light
a fashion film by Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

Dirección, guión, etalonaje y edición: Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

Intérpretes: Juan Carlos Serrano, Paula Ramos, Ada Aygües, Alba Ferri

Producción: Paula Ramos, MA Font, Noelia Lozano, Joaquín Martínez

Aydte dirección y grafismo: Andrea Sierra

Dirección de fotografía: Álex Amengual

Eléctrico: Diego Sánchez

Cámara: MA Font, Javier Horrillo, Álex Amengual

Operador grúa: Javier Horrillo

Maquillaje y peluquería: Tono Sanmartín
Asistente: Sergio Peris

Diseño de vestuario: Joaquín Martínez

Dirección artística: Carlos Ramón
Atrezzo: Carlos Ramón, Estela Ballester
Diseño silla y mesa: Los Reyes del Mambo

Script: Victoria Morote

Música original: María José Belenguer
Voz: Cumie

Casting: VDM-Valencia, MA Font

Sonido: Emilio Juan Aliena

Efectos digitales: Antonio Such, Daniel Sarmiento

Foto fija: Ángel de Haro

Retoque fotográfico: Ángela Ortega Fos

Making of: Nicolás Castelló

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