Use download link on the right to get better quality video (and colors): WMVHD VBR 6/9M.

Short video to illustrate some of the views you get walking the Kendall Katwalk trail. This trail is a small part of the Pacific Crest trail which goes all the way from Canada to Mexico.

Very nice trail, however given that's it's pretty long (11mi RT) I do think there are better options in the area (i.e. Melakwa lake).

Shot with HF100 and WD-H37C (tried to reduce full zoom as much as possible to avoid H37C CA). Settings:
- 60i
- custom picture effect contrast -1
- combination of auto, daylight and shade W/B (the LCD is alright to compare and to choose which is best). Majority of the clips are unedited, a few I increased red and little bit green channel.

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