I spent 10 days in Jacmel Haiti -
was hard to leave even if life was basic and complicated. flew to Santo Domingo - took a bus to Port Au Prince and a Tap Tap to Jacmel. ravaged by 4 hurricanes - Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike. it was a deep experience. here is an overview of people and new friends. traveled alone - went allover. the blackout was the norm. 3/ 4 hours of electricity every 3/4 days and a few places with generators.
I interviewed community leaders, indigents, the former mayor, kids, intellectuals.
this is a first / rough edit - 16 min out of 7 hours. I have includes some parts in english - but the equivalent parts in french are better. I added some subtitles. will fine tune some things. fix colors and audio.
in Kreyol: timoun=child/children, mwen/mwa=I/me, gran gout=hunger, mwen relé=my name is...

I focused more on the still photos - but i can relay stories with a videocamera.

Taking stills was the main thing as my time was limited
I want to go back film more. get more stories.

People talk about Gonaives and the North of Haiti regarding the humanitarian emergency after the hurricanes.
But no Hollywood celebrities no politicians, no foreign journalists came to evaluate the situation of Jacmel, once the cultural capital of the country.

Canon ZR930, iMovie '08

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