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For our fifteenth (15th!!!) wedding anniversary Scott and I went on a super-spontaneous super-short 24-hour trip to Prague, where neither of us had been before. This beat in shortness our 2-day trip to Vienna (10th) and our (personally) legendary 2-week trip to Barbados (5th).

Luckily and by sheer coincidence, two friends from Brooklyn, Perri and Kirk, were on the same train and saved us two seats in the restaurant car, since our reserved car was (again) not part of this train. #%&*@ you Deutsche Bahn!

The view from the train trip was magnificent. Prague was magical.

However, I don't think I've ever seen so many tourists in one place. I wanted to make sure that came across - and all the languages you could hear in the city - and then how quite it was during the cold night up at cathedral inside the castle grounds. 

There is no way I could squeeze in all that I saw and recorded into this one minute. But I hope you enjoy the glimpse I put together for you.

Some of what you see:
Charles Bridge - Karluv most
Prague Castle - Prazsky hrad
Castle Steps - Zamecke schody
St. Vitus Cathedral - chram sv Vita
St. George Square - namesti U sv Jitl
Old Town Square
Astronomical Tower
Church of Our Lady before Tyn

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