2011 is coming to an end and it such an important time of year to stay focused and fired up on yourself and your own training. Why is that? Because the Holidays can be a lot of fun but they can also be very stressful. Many people spend way too much money, coupled with a lot of partying and many distractions.
Stay FOCUSED on going into your Holiday Season in the best shape of your life.

Mentally, physically and emotionally.
Eager and excited to celebrate a Year filled with Victories. How do we do that? By taking MASSIVE ACTION towards our GOALS!
I have had 16 years of refined study in the practice and execution of goal-setting. I know a lot has been written and taught on the subject, but the process isn’t as complex, all-consuming, or mysterious as you think.

I teach a workshop called “Design Your Best Year Ever.” The workshop is a one day event usually lasting 6 hours. I have clients paying me $500 for this one day event in December. But this year, you get it for nothing because you’ve been such loyal students. I will be doing a video podcast in December because of such high demands from my clients around the country. In order to get in on this FREE “Design Your Best Year Ever Workshop”, you must subscribe to my Newsletter at TheTRANSformationCoachBlog.com by entering your email and press the “Subscribe” button. I will email you and let you know when we will start in December. Get ready to have Your Best Year Ever! Make sure to always live your life with Faith, Passion, and Purpose.

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