“HIV and Spirituality”

By: Colin Robinson-Vokoun and Jim Vokoun-Robinson
Is HIV an intrinsically evil force in this world? Is living with an incurable disease something that serves as a continual bummer? Or is there a silver lining to be found?

Join Colin and Jim as they relate how living with HIV has altered their perceptions on relationships, life, and spirituality.

Presented at:
BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Box 188 Warrington, Pennsylvania 18976
August 22, 2010

As of this posting, this has been our one and only sermon... ever! In preparing and giving this sermon, we both learned and got back far more than we gave to our Fellowship Family the day we presented "HIV & Spirituality!" Everyone should have the chance to give a sermon at some point in their life... what an experience!

Also, since we gave this sermon, one change has occured in our lives... We are now legally married! We got married in Westport, Connecticut on October 6, 2010... exactly seven years from the day we first met face-to-face!

We hope our words reach out and touch others who could use their message.

Jim and Colin

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