With the exception of about twenty or so photos this video includes every photo I shot with the 5D while YoungDoo was here in the US traveling with me.

Maybe not a new idea as I don't usually share an entire trip worth of photos but I thought it would be fun to share in a new way. It may offer some small glimpse into the amount of photos I take of any given thing which varies greatly I suppose depending on my mood as much as anything but still. I hope to make more of this sort of thing in the future.

The black on the sides is simply a compromise in the making of the clip here for anyone wondering. I had to crop the photos from their original aspect ratio as a work around in the simple software used to make the video and if I think of a better way to do it I will update it here.

It's a bit fast so don't blink!

Music is by Shigeto, from his wonderful EP New Crossings.

A lengthier description can be found here: fiftyfootshadows.net/2011/01/09/eastwesteast/

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