[Wang Jia Bay ]

My grandfather was born in 1917 and Wang Jia Bay being his hometown is also the roots where my ancestors come from. In 1938, my grandfather was forced to evacuate from his home town when Japanese invasion took place in China at his young age of 21. Since then, he started his long journey roving and fled to Taiwan with the government of KMT. Seventy three years have gone by and he is now 95 years old, but he has never once gone back to visit his hometown again ever since he left.

Wang Jia Bay is a small village located in the southern Hefei of the province of Anhui, China. This beautiful village sits in front of the river bend, and behind it there is boundless paddy field with fresh green. Ninety percent of the residents in the neighborhood area have the same last name – Wang, therefore, this village is known as Wang Jia Bay.

My series of art works of this exhibition is majorly portraiture based. With 1/4 of the Wang’s blood running in my veins, I felt this strong blood connection of being Wang’s family. As I have finally returned to my grandfather’s hometown. I, alone, have found the roots of me and my grandfather; and I wish to express my grandfather’s nostalgia of his home and home town through my eyes and my art works here .

[ 汪家湾/オウカワン]

祖父の故郷である汪家湾(オウカワン)で、町を歩き撮影したスナップ写真と、そこで暮らす 人々を捉えたポートレートの作品展です。汪家湾は、中国安徽省合肥県南部にある町で、村の前は河湾、後ろは田んぼの静かな町です。ちなみに、町の人の9割は、名字が”汪”(オウ)です。

1917年生まれの祖父は、21歳の時、侵入して来た日本軍から逃げるため離郷しました。その後、32歳の時、中国共産党(今の中国政府)戦争に 負け、国民党(今台湾の政府)と一緒に台湾へ行く事になりました。結局、73年経った今も故郷には帰っていません。

その祖父の73年の郷愁をもって、私は一人で汪家湾を訪問し撮影しました。祖父に今の汪家湾を見せたかったのです。私の体を流れる汪家の血 がそうさせたのだと思います。

東京都渋谷区渋谷3-5-5 HAKKAビル4F
open 10:00 - close 19:00 *日祝休廊 入場無料

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