please read this first:

"autumn", part two. "dancing with destiny"

this part of the video was made by lacing together different footage from other people, friends and artists alike. thanks to everyone who helped make this come together!

there's a tradition, varying in different cultures, when beginning a new year or journey we'd write a collection of wishes, memories and/or hopes on a piece of parchment. then it's burned away and cradled in our hearts for forthcoming adventures. the light felt inside is built up with so much tension that it glows and radiates itself from within... and presents itself to the world;

we're all different hues of luminosity, waiting inside our unique little worlds, waiting to burst. waiting to share that energy. energy that will never fade away, because we, as energy, are infinite.

this series is a collection of stories, written, shared and cradled. this is an open book that continues to grow.

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