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We have the Equinox HD-6 Housing to thank for the destruction of my HD Camcorder. The Hubert Cheng curse will be chanted soon on the Equinox Underwater Housing company unless they reimburse my camcorder cost! I won't ever take this video down until they contact me and beg for forgiveness. is a terrible company. First they shipped me my underwater housing with the on/off button misaligned. So once you close your camera housing, you can't turn it on or off. They recommended that I use the remote control, but it won't solve adjusting the exposure or white balance selection. These guys refused to pay for my shipping which was $25. They completely forgot my housing in the 'other' warehouse. After calling them, they found my housing a month later. They completely ignored my previous emails. Although they paid for shipping back, this freak of nature happens next (please see video)!

When I took the housing out of the water, I noticed that the front portion of the housing had a ripped on the side of the rubber. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This was bound to get leaked from the get go!

I thought my friends would (laugh in my face +) get a kick out of this video as my HD camcorder drowns to DEATH. Please watch all 2 minutes of this clip. It's actually a work of art. TURN UP THE VOLUME ON MAX! You can see and hear water trickling into the underwater housing in disturbing 5.1 Dolby Digital audio surround sound as the TM-700 takes it's last breath of air.

Thank God for my Canon G12 to the rescue as a back up underwater housing. I couldn't get 1080p, but I'll take 720p @ 24 fps any day of the week.

Learn from this experience! Dive safe my fellow Scuba Warriors and Godspeed!

Dedicated to Ethan Kai San new nephew who was born on the posting of this day! 01/11/11

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