All animations were part of concept gameplay systems for an unannounced project. 100% keyframed and produced in such a way that similar animations would work together with parametric blends. With the goal of enabling more freedom for level designers and artists.

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Jump System - Parametric Jumps 2m - 6m:

All the animations in this section would blend with each other meaning that you can jump gaps anywhere between 2m and 6m with varying drop distances resulting in alternate impact strengths.

Additive Blends - Reaction to explosion over sprint

Upperbody animation that can be played over exsisting sprint animation to create reactions to the enviroment whenever needed.

Parametric Blends - Banking Left

Blendable animation that can be used in conjuntion with the base sprint to allow the character the tilt whilst turning.

Parametric Blends - Spriny Up Gradient/Down Gradient

This blend over the base sprint would allow the animation to change depending on the steepness of the gradient, grounding the character in the gameplay world.

Base Sprint + Additive Noise for Variety.

Noise animation added over the sprint loop to break up the look of a repeated animation, adding life to the base movement. This animation was used to "fake" the apperance of acceleration whilst giving the player the ability to sprint instantly.

Wall Climb - Parametric Blends 2.5 - 4m

By using 2 different animations and blending them together, this creates the ability to scale a wall of any height between 2.5 meters and 4 meters.

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