Camera Futura (WVIL) is a viral next generation product video produced for Artefact to help promote their Camera Futura concept camera. We worked closely with Artefact to develop a user experience scenario that matched their messaging and was designed to generate intrigue. The video was hugely successful, generating an immense amount of industry buzz and discussion.

You can view more information about this fantastic camera on Artefact's page at:

Director, Producer, Director of Photography: Issara Willenskomer
Producer: Yaque Silva-Doyle
Compositing: Charles Bartlett
Sound Design: James Key

User Experience, UI Graphics: Artefact

This was a rapid turnaround project for us. Since we knew we wanted to show off the device at CES, we only had a small window to concept, cast, produce, shoot, and composite the final graphics. We shot the video on the Panasonic HVX200 to help achieve the specific look we wanted. -Issara

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