Open the Eyes of my Heart - original version by M.W. Smith
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Gert Paalvast

Appearing in this video: Robert Sollie - Drums, backing vocals
Matthijs Tempelman - Bass, backing vocals
Quintijn Tempelman - El. guitars
Gert Paalvast - El. & Ac. guitars
Ard Hunnersen - Keyboards

Unfortunately there are no video images of the vocal recording..
So not appearing in this video: Winanda Buter - Lead vocals

This is the first serious recording I did in my home studio.

The main purpose why I wanted to record this song is to improve my record- and producer-skills. I wanted to make a recording as good as possible with proper sounding instruments wich mixed together sound like a tight band. So to me it was an educational journey through the land of music production. :D

We played this song before with a band called The Rock for the last period of time. We never released it before we quit about 4 years ago. I always liked our version of this song because of the driving rhythm and powerful, down to earth aproach.

I also like to make videos. The subject appeals to me and I hope this is a nice reproduction of the recording- and production process.

For Drum recording I used the MIDI signal and a good sampled drumkit. Then layered all instruments: bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keys and finaly vocals.
As a DAW I used Logic Express with the EZ drummer plugin.
Used microphones: Rode NT1A, Shure SM57, Sennheiser e602
Audio interface: Phonic Helixboard 12 FireWire MKII
Outboard compressor: FocusRite Platinum Penta compressor
Monitoring: Krk Rokit6

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