Only one; not one of Several.

One isolated deep fall day a solo kayak turned away from shore. What began was a relationship based on listening through observing and responding. It is these observations that I'm exploring and attempting to interpret visually.

It’s a lesson in commitment, once the determination is set. It is a metaphor for stepping into the unknown; it is about risk and it is felt through the paddle stroke, forward momentum, balance and grace. The present.

What happens is; challenge is overcome and the waters ease in a sense of arrival. What becomes most remarkable is the gentleness present in the process. It’s a story of accomplishment and how in a metaphoric sense accomplishment is obtained and how it also gives back.

Single is a work in process! Only my paddle is wet but I'm ready to roll.

Music: Breathe
Album: Pray
Artist: Douglas Spotted Eagle

Boat: Rapier 20

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