"May I Enter" is a documentary essay in which the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé is as much researched as experientially evoked in a rather poetic and personal way.

My work balances on the boundary of anthropology and art; focuses on the relation between Self and Other and on ritual, which I believe is a territory where we (try to) communicate. However, in Brazil, I found myself entering a universe of closed doors. Every step to get to know Candomblé proliferated contradicting stories and different ideas about what Candomblé is. Or was. Or what it ought to be.

Besides being a religious practice, Candomblé became a tourist spectacle; a source of inspiration for local writers, artists, film makers, dancers and musicians; the cult was interpreted as a token of black resistance and emancipation; a fortress of female power and matriarchy in a “macho” culture; an exemplary “tolerant” religion that supports gay rights; and a money-generating industry, selling all kinds of spiritual products and services.

“May I Enter” has been selected for screening for a few international film festivals; at the Festival de Cine de Granada in Los Angeles, USA the film was awarded in the category ’photography’ (April 2010).

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