Brothers Mark and Jon Sider are ambitious young businessmen with big plans to revolutionize the way you think of sports drinks. Tired of the additives and sugars found typically, the Highland Park, IL. duo sought to develop a hydrating recovery drink based on electrolyte-loaded coconut water.

They had the idea and drive for Greater > Than, they just needed a one-stop concept actualizer. That’s when they came to Doejo in December 2009.

For Doejo, Greater > Than holds a special place in our hearts because as they grew, we grew -- meeting with our designers and developers in our founder Phil Tadros’ Chicago coffee shops before we had a full office. Back then they would bring us coolers of samples to try. Now, they can be found in nearly 200 stores in the Chicago area and beyond.

Working with Greater > Than from the beginning proved to be a comprehensive feat. The brothers consulted with a variety of performance drink formulas with sports-science nutritionists and scientists at Imbibe as well as user testing trials through Doejo, tweaking and perfecting the all-natural, potassium- and nutrient-rich drink in three flavors: lemon-lime, tropical and orange.

And we went all-out for our partners in design and development. Our developers were with them in crafting the formula, organizing taste testing’s, designing a logo and creating a wide-ranging branding campaign.

We worked on their entire digital platform and visual identity from business cards, wholesale flyers and bottle design to graphic vehicle wraps, promo videos and a E-Commerce Facebook site. We even did Greater > Than’s merchandise: t-shirts, hats and stickers for distribution. Greater > Than was even stocked in Phil Tadros’ coffee shops as well as a network of others he knew. To date, Greater > Than has sold more than 200,000 bottles.

The dynamic site showcases the Sider brother’s passion for their product, breaking down the science in each bottle and explaining all the benefits, most of which are greater than their top competitors like Gatorade, Powerade and Powerbar Perform. With big, bold plans to expand, Greater > Than’s next mission is launch in stores nationwide.

Local media have praised Greater > Than for its fat-free performance drink like the Sun-Times’ Pioneer Press: “Whether you’re in Sunset Foods, Slammers Baseball & Softball Training Facility … or some other North Shore business, you will see athletes and others grabbing a tropical, orange or lemon lime Greater Than drink.” Local nutrition webzine Vital Juice says, “We found the slightly sweet, sporty taste refreshing and left the gym hydrated and energized. We love a good workout ade.”

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