'Wüste', 1 min 37 sec, 2007,
Phillipe Diolé's text is a poetical metaphor about the attempt to survive in an inhospitable environment.
He, an explorer of the ocean in the 50ies, slips mentally into the element that makes him most lively – the water, and with this trick, 'swims' through the desert. As a video, 'Wüste' is designed as a projection in a room, cause this way the viewer automatically is drawn into this water imagination and into the textual space.

Text in English /
I once wrote that a man who was familiar with the deep see could never be like other men again. Such moments as this (in the midst of the desert) prove my statement. Because I realize that, as I walked along, my mind filled the desert landscape with water! In my imagination I flooded the space around me while walking through it. I lived in a sort of invented immersion in which I moved about in the heart of a fluid, luminious, beneficient, dense matter, which was the sea water, or rather the memory of sea water. This artifice sufficed to humanize for me a world that was dishearteningly dry, reconciling me for its rocks, its silence, its solitude, its sheet of sun gold hanging from the sky. Even my weariness was lessened by it. I dreamed that my bodily weight reposed to this imaginary water. [...] As I walked along, I bore within me gleaming reflections, and a translucent density, which were none other than memories of the deep sea.

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