When I got a new case for my synth back in May 2010, I shot timelapse photos of the entire process. You first see the synth in its original housings, which are a couple of old Doepfer a100g3 and a100g6 cases. I acquired the new case from Monorocket, and over the course of an hour or so, pulled each module out and put it back into the case. This is a tedious process and is only interesting if it takes less than two minutes.
The holes left at the end are for the Harvestman Hertz Donut and the Tip Top Z8000 that had not yet arrived.

And if you are a fan of modular synths, you probably have already guessed that seven months later, I think half of these modules have been sold and replaced with other modules.

The music was recorded in December 2010 and features the Donut for sounds, Z8000 for notes, with timing influenced by the Pittsburgh Modular Vilfo. Which I no longer have. Natch.

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