An exquisite corpse animation for the Picture Con Secuencia gallery in 2010 at the Echo Curio. This gallery was curated by myself and Walt Gorecki.

This video also has a portion of the exquisite corpse music section created for the show.

The gallery featured....

Video and animation collaborations from:
walt!, Eri Hawkins, Sean Solomon, Chloe Mandel, Steven Sanchez, champoyhate, Sam Yurick, Joan Zamora, Andrew Lush, Dave Sirus, Jordan Santos, Joe Holliday, Michael Reyder, Julie Orlick, Rachel Cole, Craig Miller, Anthony Anzalone, Steven Andrew Garcia, Carla Orendorff, Vim Crony, Lillie West, Austin Wolf-Sothern

Music contributions from the following artists (and members of):
Moses Campbell, XBXRX, kit, No Babies. Charlyne Yi, Michael Nhat, Magick Orchids, Lola Loshkey, Big Whup, Pizza!, Heller Keller, Sugar Frosted Light Bulbs, Tusk, Peter Pants, Slumberbeast, Haunted Tiger and more!

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