SWARMUSIC was a guerrilla street performance that occurred Thursday November 12, 2009 during the downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. There were 6 performers in costume who were walking a planned route, each with a portable amplifier strapped to their chest. Each amplifier was hooked up to an MP3 player which was playing a soundtrack. Each soundtrack together was part of a 6 track song. As the performers entered and exited various venues the "song" faded in and out. Each soundtrack length was different causing the entire sound performance to in a sense be improvisational.

The Performers entered the Museum of Neon Art on 4th street, a gallery on 6th and Main st, as well as the Hive Gallery on Spring street south of 7th.


Andy Hermann

Khadija Anderson

Adele Satori

Jeff Bughouse

Andrea Morgenstern

Treiops Treyfid

camera: Chistopher Nelson

This is part 2 of 3

Treiops Treyfid

Artist Statement:
Treiops Treyfid's conceptually-based work is defined by relationships between humans, materials, and hence, our environment and the ways in which we live. A majority of his current work involves sculpture, installation, mixed media series, and more recently new media performances. Treyfid's body of work dating from the early '90s to now, can best be described as multi-media in the sense that he incorporates all genre from painting to sound.

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