Director, Concept: Harun Hazar, Lillian Rosa

Director of Photography: Thomas Bader
Editing: Harun Hazar

Brazil 09´2013 / 75min / Documentation

Colorgrading: Ronney Afortu
Postproduction: Optical Art

Producer: Lillian Rosa, Harun Hazar
Production Company: Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Sponsors: Goethe-Institute

In the middle of the State of Amazonia in Brazil there is an island with a city called Parintins.
It is surrounded by the jungle and thousands of rivers, lakes and lagoons.

It is unique because all its inhabitants are devided into two colour parts.
The presence of the division is everywhere: Either the inhabitants are „Garantido“ or „Caprichoso“
their neighbourhood is conspicuous blue or red. The Garantidos don´t only wear red clothes. They
paint their houses red, they hoist red-white flags and they varnish their cars or bicycles. The blue
Caprichosos compete with them in the everyday life – this creates a phantastic picture.
The rivalry stirres up energy, for example when one of the Caprichosos paints his big van with the
coca-cola logo: of course in blue and white!

But everybody is peaceful!

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