A "vintage reality segment about BFFs" from 1985 when Patty Mooney decided to have a "Goddess Party" and not only invited all her goddess friends, but videotaped them, too. Want to see how women had fun back in the 80's? A rare glimpse into a time of wild and crazy self-discovery. And crazy hair styles!

Patty rediscovered this clip after it had lain dormant on a shelf for 25 years. Back in those days, in-camera editing was the way to do it. Produced, videotaped and edited by Patty Kay Mooney, Crystal Pyramid Productions. Follow Patty's blogs: adiaryleftopen.com, alifeinbusiness.com and soldiersheartblog.com.
Visit Patty's award-winning San Diego professional video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, crystalpyramid.com, now going on 30 years in business. New & Unique Videos, is a stock-footage library of archival and contemporary images from around the world, newuniquevideos.com.
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