Video for the track 'Heartbeat'.

Psychedelic multi-colored trance, mystical art, cybernetic soundscapes, layers of tripped out sequences, rolling basslines, blending textures and spellbinding hypnotic beats. Don't be afraid.

The german electronic duo opens the archives.

Our Bio:

Tec Trance has a very long history....

It started sometime arround 1990, when Ralf invited me (Holger) to his 'home studio'. He had some synthesizers and drum machines, the kind that you only find in synth museums nowadays. We both were fans of the upcoming electronic scene, we liked bands like Portion Control, Die Warzau, Skinny Puppy, Meat Beat Manifesto, Front 242, and may be most of all The Klinik. Ralf showed me how to do the sounds with his gear, and same as he, i got addicted.

About the same time we got in touch with 'Pari Dee', same as me a local DJ, who also had gathered some of the now legendary gear like Roland 303 and Roland 909. He had contact with another DJ and musician nicknamed 'Double M Force'.

Things developed. We found a little dark and wet room that we could use as a 'studio' and then Tec Trance was born. We came together on a regular basis, bought some new gear now and then, and started to record on DAT.

We got in touch with the multimedia gurus of PONTON, and they invited us to join a revolutionary TV event in Berlin. It was called 'Ballroom TV' and broadcasted live on the 8th and 10th may of 1991.

During this period, The Klinik came to Hamburg (our hometown) to give a life concert. We got in touch with Marc Verhaeghen, and we became friends. Marc seemed to like what we did, and so he invited us to Antwerpen, Belgium to produce an album together.

He used the name 'X10' for some of his projects then, and so we released the CD 'X10 ft. Tec Trance' and the Maxi 'X10 ft. Tec Trance - Spirit World' in 1992.

Later on we did some more projects with PONTON, mainly the 'Piazza Virtuale' on the Documenta IX in Kassel. Ralf and I did a legendary live concert there, broadcasted live via satellite on 3SAT.

In the year 2000 we restarted Tec Trance.

We meet on a regular basis and work on our music.

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