I am the producer of this video as listed on IMDb

"Levi Johnston: Don t Move!" is an avant garde cutting edge documentary set against the backdrops of many European cities. The film follows a one decade journey from 2001 until 2010 of Lee Andrew an American national as he travels throughout Europe and North Africa capturing images of male subjects from all walks of life - firemen, rugby players, aspiring models but mostly guys next door types. This feature entwines ten years of amateur making of behind the scenes video from his photo sessions within an semi-autobiography of the artists amazing traverse. Lee has produced smaller visual art projects since 1995 with proceeds benefiting his designated charities he is an internationally recognized author and talent promoter. Mr. Levi Johnston was a talent whom Lee made arrangements for Playgirl, Inc. The accord left Lee without the promised publicity for his charitable advocacy and without payment of his services. In the documentary he shares insights of working in the art industry and touches briefly upon two other negative experiences involving the National Italian Rugby Team and Poland´s GLBT community. Throughout small setbacks and the occasional drama the artist remains focused on creating beautiful art and assisting others in their quest for equality and freedom. This film displays Lee Andrew passion for art and the lengths which he has gone to engage humanity. One only has to be a connoisseur of art to appreciate the beauty and grace displayed within this exceptionally unique film.

"It is not my nature to quit and surrender."


This film will be entered in film festivals around the world in 2011.

Stay Tuned.

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